There are four brothers and their grandmother, in the Underwood family, Kenton, Justin, Carter, Brandon and Henrietta. Each brother has his own story.

BRANDON’S ARTISTIC PASSION.  (A review from Bloom on

Janice L. Dennie’s “Brandon’s Artistic Passion” is really wonderful. Brandon and Ciara are thoughtful. Getting to the bedroom is not their only goal. Both share their careers. Brandon is an artist. Ciara is a ballerina. Brandon shares the fact that he is blocked. Unable to paint for a whole year. Ciara explains about the difficulties she faces as a ballerina. She faces racism along with the every day pains faced by all ballerinas. One work related problem is Tendonitis.

While reading, I wanted to see each of the paintings named by Brandon. On the beach he sketches. He also paints Ciara. While his love for Ciara is deep, memories of his childhood haunt him. This explains the one year of no paint brush in hand. I also tried to picture Ciara dancing in the Nutcracker Suite and the Firebird. I could see her in the red tutu and purple feather.

There are so many beautiful California scenes. There is the fog in San Francisco. There is Big Sur, California and other locations like the great Napa Valley. It is just amazing how beautifully this book is written. It seemed as if the author, Janice L. Dennie had the goal of relaxing the reader before the more intimate scene happened between Brandon and Ciara. I look forward to reading more words written by Janice L. Dennie.

Is this a comment or a review or neither? I don’t know. If more thoughts come to mind, I might write more about Brandon and Ciara’s family. Whoops, I do have another thought. It is impossible to write every single thought that comes in the mind. Thoughts are like bubbles. Some bubbles just have to float away and burst. Sad. Other thoughts come as questions. Anyway, I am left wanting to read another thoughtful romance.

KENTON’S VINTAGE AFFAIR.  (A review from Jean on

The story was very symbolic on so many levels from the very beginning with Briana’s appearance at her Mother’s old home in the Napa Valley and first meeting Kenton…the start of a simmering romance like some of the delicious spicey dishes described in Low Country Cuisine….and onto the description of the wines–Cabernet …bold and delicious–as the growing romance among the grape vines and beautiful wine country–it keeps blossoming–ready to burst…

I loved the family connections–waiting to hear more of the back story on Briana, Kenton–and I know Tiffany is not done (Tiffany sounds like she is only taking a breather–don’t trust her).

I especially loved Briana’s connection with the poppy hill which gave her a connection with her mother and grand-mother….the poppies were a wonderful symbol of life.

Briana is still growing and I look forward to hear more about the Low Country Food coming out of “Poppy Hill”.

JUSTIN’S BODY OF WORK.  (A review from Jean on

Again…the author takes us on a wonderful journey in the beautiful Napa Valley. I loved this book in the continuing saga of the Underwood family. The author is very clever in her use of symbolism to tell a story of love, loss, trust and most importantly how we all have a choice to rebuild after a crisis due to past life experiences. Worth the read. I cannot wait for the next book in the series.